12 February 2022

  1. In the event that a rider is aggrieved by a summary disqualification he/she may request in writing to the Ninety Niner Cycle Tour Organising Committee within 3 (three) days of being informed of the summary disqualification to be reinstated. Such rider may supplement such a request for reinstatement in the event of him/her receiving further information at a later time. The tribunal appointed may extend this time on good cause shown.



All participants must comply with the following rules, terms of conditions. Disregard for any of it will be deemed sufficient grounds for disqualification.

Dear Rider

Guidelines on exercise with an acute illness

Acute illnesses can occur at any time, but typically are more common at times of peak training and just before races. If you suffer from an acute illness it will interfere with your cycling performance, but more importantly, it can also cause serious medical complications during a training cycle or a race. We would like to assist you in having a safe race and reducing your risk of medical complications.

mySOSOne of the unfortunate realities of life is that emergencies do happen – another reality is that the sooner help arrives, the better! mySOS emergency app was designed to help you in emergency situations by providing you with the correct contact details for emergency services and to inform your emergency contacts of your emergency and your GPS location.

Click here for instructions on "How to install and use mySOS".


How does mySOS help you during the 99er?

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2022 99er Start & Parking Layout 


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2022 99er Site Plan Layout 


The venue is Durbanville Race Course which you can find on Google Maps here:


GPS Coordinates: S: 33°50.27; E 18°38.24 [-33.840675,18.639062]

ESCS D'Ville Cyclery Radio 104 City of Cape Town
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