12 February 2022

Gryphon – What’s In A Logo

The gryphon is a mythological creature found in many cultures, with a legendary passion for discovering and guarding vast fortunes. Half lion, half eagle, the gryphon was renowned for its noble conduct, foresight, clarity of vision, swiftness and skill in carrying out tasks. As with the mythical gryphon, we are committed to the same ideals with the same passion and purpose within the investment community.

Invest With Purpose

Our purpose is to protect your hard-earned money, and to grow it as much and as safely as possible. We make this possible through Gryphon’s easy to understand, low cost unit trust funds. Over the last 21 years we have built our business on a simple philosophy that make the benefits of investing with us obvious to our clients. We aren't big on trying to impress with flashy advertising, lofty investment speak or industry jargon; we’d rather just get on with the business of growing your wealth, and much like the creature after which we are named; our goal is to protect that wealth from modern-day predators like inflation, market volatility and fluctuating currencies.

It's an approach that has been adding value to the lives of our clients since 1998 and we invite you to become a partner in wealth creation.

What We Do

We offer low cost funds, tax-free and retirement savings, invested in cash, equities or asset allocated, both locally and offshore. Our approach to investment management has four core elements:

  • Our strategies are simple, but effective.
  • We follow a disciplined, rules-based approach – no emotion involved.
  • Our philosophy and funds are clear and rational.
  • We avoid undue risks in our portfolios in the interests of enhancing returns.

How We Do What We Do

As market leaders in rules-based investing, Gryphon has developed innovative investment products over time. This has been done by combining the core competencies of our talented investment team with a solid understanding of the legislative framework of the financial services industry thus creating a range of unit trusts offering significant benefit to our clients.

The Gryphon Team

Big enough to matter but small enough to care!

You'll find a group of passionate, astute, experienced and, most importantly, down-to-earth people at Gryphon. In fact, our people are our edge. Gryphon’s team comprises investment professionals with a wealth of experience in all spheres of fund management and financial services industries, including the management of equities, bonds, money market instruments and derivatives, as well as trading and administration.

We're a small team and we like it that way. It allows us to work closely together and share expertise, knowledge and insights. We're not worried about job descriptions and titles.

Feel free to give us a call or drop in anytime – the coffee is on us!!

The 99er Cycle Tour first took place in 1999. The inaugural event was 99km long and so the name “The 99er” was born. The race is organized and hosted by the El Shaddai Christian School in Durbanville and the event is the main fundraising activity for the school.  There are over 350 volunteers from the school in the form of parents, staff, pupils, alumni and past parents involved on race day.

The 2019 event will be the 21st time that the race is being held.

Since 2003, the 99er Cycle Race has been an Official Premier Seeding event for The Cape Town Cycle Tour (affectionately called “The Argus” by cyclists). There are only 4 road events in the Western Cape that have this prestigious status.  

The 99er Cycle Tour takes place a month before The Cape Town Cycle Tour and is an excellent preparation race for the world famous event. 
The 99er’s legendary climb of Vissershok provides a great challenge and once a cyclist has conquered this hill anything is possible!

The 99er Cycle Tour has been the third largest cycle race in the Western Cape for many years.

The event is very well organized and has received numerous awards over the years. Feedback from a post-race survey in 2018 indicated very high levels of satisfaction with the 99er. Satisfaction with the event was measured at 87% and almost all aspects evaluated received average scores of 4 or higher out of 5.

Here are some comments about the race:

“Excellent race and well organised”

“Always the best-organized event of the year”

“Look forward to it every year”

“Keep on doing what you are doing!”

“It's an excellent, well-organised race which I come back to year after year!”

“Lucky draw prizes always a big drawcard”

“Nice route and perfect preparation for Cape Town Cycle Tour”

“Loved the bananas at the start and the massage at the end!”


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